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tv   Today  NBC  January 5, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EST

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kathie lee enjoys a little extra vacation. this is "lush life", by vera larson. >> i like it. cool! >> i can't wait to hear about the bush hager family christmas. but rst, eva longoria's here. she's in this newcombdy called "telenovella "telenovella." and she doesn't speak spanish. it's so fun. we're going to talk about that. >> and if your new year's resolution is to lose weight, how about this for motivation. a couple who lost 380 pounds combined. they'll share all their secrets. >> and look who's primping in the studio. he's got something with his lovely wife.
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>> what is that? >> you work for nbc. >> deborah works for abc. but doesn't worry,e don't worry, it's fine i'm sure. >> it's a big day for miranda lambert. >> she's got a new man, according to instagram. >> i did clickety clack on your site. what did you guys do? >> we had so much fun. we were in texas. that's not texas, but that's okay. >> look at you. >> we went to florida. >> by the way, is that a selfie? >> your husband took that selfie? >> of course you know my husband because he has really long arms. >> by the way, everybody is looking almost right on. >> we have a tradition that we started if we're all together to go on a sun rise golf cart ride or walk and see the sun rise for
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>> does everybody get up quickly or no? >> i myself was not up the quickest. that was on christmas eve. we did a little service on our ranch at christmas. and that's are with henry and i got married. we sang christmas songs. and it was hilarious. mila isn't used to the traditional songs, and she's like "rudolf "! . did you do christmas day? >> we didn't go all out, but mila did get an easel from my dad so he could teach her how to paint. >> that is the cutest thing. >> there they are. >> i did get them dressed up because they are dolls. >> of course they are. >> do they love each other? >> they love each other. and mila kept going now poppy, what do you want for christmas? i have a little video. one too many. >> how does it go? >> you be poppy.
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>> poppy, what do you want for christmas, baby? what do you want? poppy, the baby. >> oh, the baby! >> never mind. anyway, it was great. >> my mom and sister went to the bahamas, because nothing says christmas like the bahamas! and we had a great time when we were there. you know who we saw? >> who? oh, i know from your instagram! >> magic johnson. >> and we kept tweeting, ho, ho, ho, it's magic. >> it's cute. >> there he is with his mom and with my sister. my sister wants to keep the picture and use it forever. he is so nice, and his wife cookie was there. we had such a great, great time. so we did that. al and i went to the rose bowl parade. flora and fauna. it was great.
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so joel and me and al and deborah had new year's eve at 9:00. and we had a great time. >> that's your dinner. >> no, that's just in the hotel room. >> he's so cute, right? >> what he said, he looks like he should be on a coin. which i loved. >> a gold coin. >> so new year's resolution. >> so one of my favorite things, first of all, have you ever kept your new year's resolution? >> since i can't remember them, so i probably didn't. i mane, most of them are the same ones, get organized, stop being a messed. >> and weigh can say you have not kept that. >> my favorite thing and find like the love letters. >> your bedroom is still there? >> all the stuff was taken there. and one of the things i found was this diary that broke my heart. my sister told me that she found it four years ago but she never told me because it broke her
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this diary is fourth grade, the first year of 1991, it looks like. so i was 10 years old. i know you can't read it. dear diary, happy new year. the first thing i wanted to do was lose four pounds, anspelled it l-o-e-s. so obviously, i needed to take up spelling. >> how old were you? >> i was like 10 or 11. >> and you wanted to lose four pounds? >> yeah, first of all, why four? who thought four was a good number. but also that that had been on the list since i was 10 years old. and i have a mom that is not, you know, doesn't talk about diets or nothing. >> where did you get that? >> i don't know. maybe my friends or subconsciously something that, so i just realized that no matter, as of this year, that is not going to be on my list. it's probably been on, in some form or another for 25 years. >> but you know what could be on our list?
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class with jenna. and it really did get me hooked. i was not interested. look at this. >> yeah. >> i love it. it, what you do is go in the class, they crank the music up so loud that you can't hear and they turn the lights practically off so you can't see. it's perfect. >> also, one of the things that we studied, the whole study about how music motivates. soul cycle is so awesome, but if you don't have a soul cycle where you are, turn the lights down in the house, turn up the music and dance around the house with your kids or if your husband will dance with you. mine is like, why are we dancing? >> he will dance with you? >> last night i made him. >> i thought it would be today's the day. it wasn't happening.
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to lose weight, with 25% wanting to lose 40 pounds or more. >> most people want to shop less and eat in more instead of going out. if you're in the dating world, this is like the time of you, they say single people last night were signing onto an online dating site. it's like the super bowl of dating. it must be you make resolutions first of the year. >> you reach that, and you're, like, this is the year that you're going to meet somebody. >> somebody said you have to visualize. it's funny, i remember when i was seeking to meet someone, and i remember they said write down the three traits you're looking for in someone. and i remember i wrote them down and folded them up and smushed them up, and they're in a little box, and they're still in the box. >> and did joel meet all three of those? >> i don't remember what i wrote down at the time, but it's one of those things that one day i feel like i'm going to open it up and see that it's going to
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know what you're looking for. you think i want to meet someone nice or cute, if you think about not a lot of details about height and weight and all that -- >> and you also can't get, in my opinion, too into those details on the first meeting, because i think henry, i'm in love with him, and we've been together for 11 years, but had i met him even a year earlier, i might have thought, this isn't what i wanted a year ago, but he is what i want for a life-long partner, he's smart and solid. and i also think knowing what's going to happen. i told my friends that are single, know that it's going to happen. >> you have to visualize it and know. i totally agree. this one was named black friday of dating. it's about as close to a national holiday for dating as you can get. saw highest traffic last night at 8:25.
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saw major hikes. >> look at yoeoself. >> a lot of girls are clickety clacking on his site. >> they say january's the time to meet somebody, too. >> people broke up with people over the holidays. >> look who's there. >> oh, my god, it's eva. >> look who's there. >> who's cooking? >> we're not cooking. >> you are so funny in this thing. >> thank you! >> oh, my god, we cannot wait. >> my fellow texan, i love this girl. we're cousins, right? >> who's your cousin? >> i worked in the white house with her mom. she's a smart cookie. >> we're texans, we all know each other. >> we have one more picture to put up. theresa giudice. she was released from prison. here's her family photo that she
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they wished for her followers a happy and healthy new year. that's her husband joe, and i think he's supposed to go to prison next any way, so, i like ending on that note. let's go to lena dunham, she posted this picture of the beginning of 2016 in her bikini, and this is what she posted. she took a selfie and she captioned it. not her natural habitat, but she's trying her darnedest. >> she talks about positive body image. she said last year, my relationship with my body is constantly evolving. you have to move so you look a little bit like the person you might want to be. >> that's good. >> she doesn't feel like she needs to be perfect and she's happy with who she is or trying to be happy with who she is. >> when there's a confidence like that you feel it. all right, kids, don't miss our favorite things. they're going to come up a little later,
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star of "telenovella."la." she is the award-winning actress who sky rocketed to fame on "desperate housewives." >> she's making her hotly-anticipated return to
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>> she plays a gorgeous star whose life is much more active on the shore than off. >> you have to accept the fact that this is your first real date since the divorce. >> i can't brief you're not nervous. >> even if it was a date, and it's not, why should i be nervous. he's the one who should be nervous. he has to deal with all of this. okay, not this, maybe this. >> most of all, congrats on the reviews which are through the roof. this looks like so much fun. tell us about your character in this. >> oh, my gosh. it is so fun. i play ana sofia who is a spanish star who doesn't speak spanish. >> why wouldn't she? >> which is the story of my life. i grew up in texas not speaking spanish. so being latina, it's a fish out of water. i have since learned spanish. she's trying to navigate this
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her ex-husband comes back, which he doesn't like. and she has a best friend who's always talking her off the ledge. it's always lucy and ethyl. >> were you like the class clown growing up? >> yes, because i was the ugly duckling. >> i blocked. >> please, please. >> i blossomed late. i was the ugly, dark, skinny one. i was called "ugly dark one", by my family. and my sisters were like blond and green eyes. and i was like, hey. i was kind of always funny, like i was just like, okay, i'm not pretty. i'm going to be the funny one. then i got the chance to do it. >> hello! one of the things in "telenovella", they do a thing with a wind machine. i think there's a sound bite. >> more wind.
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>> that's so beyonce, right? >> it's very beyonce and j. lo. >> we brought a turbo fan. >> on me or you. >> it's on you. >> oh, wow, you've really got it. >> you move the hair and push the hair forward. >> you've really got it. oh, there it goes. >> more wind. >> you try it. >> my hair doesn't move. >> you have to move your hair? >> that looks like she's in a convertible. [ laughter ] >> okay. why would we do that at the beginning of the show? >> i don't know. >> you're the one who brought that -- >> i know. i'm sorry. >> we talked about your engagement. >> i'm engaged. >> is that your ring? >> that's my ring. yeah. >> bingo! look at that. >> oh, my word! >> thank you. >> wow. >> you're in love. >> in love and great, he's amazing. >> you said, these are your words, not mine.
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>> you met him once and then when you re-met him, it was like that cliche angel -- >> birds singing. >> was it kind of like this? let's see. >> yeah, a little bit like that. >> not so dramatic of music, yeah. in my head. it was like, ah! no, i did meet him in mexico at one moment and six months later re-met him, and i was like, who is that? and my friend who reintroduced us, is like, that's the guy i ago. >> that picture was so romantic. >> you could not not take a romantic photo. >> the lighting. >> the lighting. >> he's handsome, too. >> look at that hair! >> his hair! >> i like long hair on a man. >> it's curly, it's like very italian hair.
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"telenovella" premieres tononht on nbc. >> we're going to be doing, al roker gets candid about his career, marriage and the mistakes he's made. >> we have a great vacation to give away. the lucky fan could be you. find out right after this. >> not again! >> no wind! (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? cheez-it grooves are the perfect union of a cheez-it and a chip. you mean like they got married? umm... i guess... you'd make a pretty bride in that wedding gown. oh, it's a lab coat so... hey everyone, joe's getting married! bam bam ba bam. oh, i'm not. we take time for our cheese to mature
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[text message alert rings]
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it is time to surprise our very first fan of the week of 2016. >> okay. drum roll please while we spin the globe, and it's landed in new york! >> maureen is joining us. with her daughter.
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>> good! >> happy new year! >> i'm so excited! >> let's tell everyone why you were chosen. two years ago maureen's husband passed away. and for 27 years, she and her husband loved to travel and explore new places. >> her favorite segments are who knew and ambush makeovers. she loves to watch with her dog fiona. and she admires kathie lee's strength and tries to emulate that strength every day. >> let's make this a great new year for you. it's time to put your fandom to the test with a trivia question. you have 15 seconds and one guess to get the answer, ready? >> as you know. almost every week we honor our viewers with this fan of the week segment. does fan of the week happen on mondays only? on mondays and wednesdays? or on mondays and fridays? >> i know, it's not easy. but we don't like to do it too
2:27 am
>> not too often. >> pick monday! >> yay! it it >> you have won a fabulous vacation. are you going to head to san antonio, texas where you'll spend four days, three nights at the marriott san antonio hill country resort and spa. >> you'll be treated to a tour of the city and a cruise around the river walk. round trip airfare is also included. >> are you going to take that sweet daughter of yours right there? >> yes! >> maureen, thank you. thank you so much for watching. >> happy new year, guys! >> thank you! big news from miranda lambert, and a couple of celebrity engagements to tell but in the buzz. >> plus the man who's been there and done that. >> he's the man! >> we love him! >> he's sharing some very, very interesting stories, aren't you al?
2:28 am
>> after your local it is fun day monday, jenna bush hager is in for kathie lee, and making a rare appearance on our hour, our favorite weather man and good friend, al roker. >> you guys didn't lock the door. >> they have written a very revealing book about their family, marriage, and let's tell you, they're holding nothing back. >> almost nothing. >> it's called "been there done that." and after 20 years of marriage, they don't agree on everything, especially when it comes to the kids. >> moms tend to be more helicopter. >> if my daughter's having a problem with a friend at school, i want to jump in and tray to help them sort of out. >> but i think we need the dad's more hands-off approach. >> i want to invite them over
2:29 am
al's approach, leave it alone and it will be fine. >> let them take chances and risks. >> i'm a little more involved in hands-on and al is more standoffish when it comes to meddling in their lives. >> somehow hers sounded more positive than yours did. hi, al. >> we were lucky enough to have dinner with al and deborah. and we got to watch you parent in real time. you have opposite ways to do it. but at the end of the day, watching you at the table, you have tons of patience when it comes to the kids. >> you kind of have to let each other have their space to do what they do better. >> why does she helicopter. why does she hover? >> i think it's inherent. i'm not generalizing, but i think moms do that. i think they want to make sure everything's okay. make it work. fix it, make sure it's done.
2:30 am
>> moms worry more. you have a little bit different way of thinking about marriage as well. she wanting to you text, and you'd like to talk. >> i like, my dad, when i was growing up, he was a bus driver. this was before cell phones. at the end of each run, he'd call isabel, he'd call my mom, hey, just checking what's for dinner, ah. and deborah's like, i'm working, leave me alone. >> send me the text. >> i don't like texting. >> it was never better. your love of phone calls was never shown more than i guess with your daughter courtney. tell us what happened with that. poor thing. >> poor courtney. >> she's in a committed relationship with a young man, very nice young man. and i got a text from him, this guy, saying that he wanted to talk to me about them moving in together. >> ooh. >> in the text, it said -- >> mr. roker, i would, very respectful.
2:31 am
courtney and i moving in together. and i texted back, dude, comma, that's a phone call, not a text. and it was all caps. with a few exclamation points. >> did he call you immediately? >> he first called courtney. >> and cried? >> what's going to happen here. and then he's a very lovely young man. and by the way, they're not together, living. >> they're not living. >> but they may. >> are you stricter when it comes to things like that, with the dating world? >> i'm more old-fashioned, but yet, on the other hand, there are other things that i'm more free about, like, you know, lila wanted to change schools, and from middle school to high school, she'd been going to a private school, she wanted to go to a public school in new york city. deborah was against it, i was foor it. i was like, you know, as long as you're happy and you're going to get what you need, go for it. >> each chapter is written from,
2:32 am
from deborah, it's the same thing but shows how differently you guys see the world. >> men and women. >> it's the mars/venus thing, different points of view. but at the end of the day we come to the same conclusion, but we just get there differently. one of my favorite lines about parenting was from roseanne bauer barr. at the end of the day, if they're fed, they're sleeping and they're not bleeding, it's a good day. >> anyone reading it, people will nod their head. >> buy two copies. >> why wouldn't you? >> "been there done that". >> and these two lovebirds made a vow to start exercising and lose weight.
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7 o0 c1c1 if you missed all the hollywood headlines over the holidays, we'll get you caught up. >> and here with all the scoop you ever need is editor in chief of >> rob, so miranda lambert seems to have found a love. >> fantastic. we all felt a little bad for miranda. we wanted her to move on. she broke up with blake a couple months ago, and he's moved on with gwen stefani.
2:36 am
and she put this on her social media. and she said the snuggle up is real. a lot of people might be thinking she's doing this to get back or to get publicity, absolutely not. he's an up and copping singer from nashville, on his first-ever solo headline tour. so he really is on the way up. i listened to some of his music. fantastic. so i think these two are the real deal. >> she doesn't seem like the type to pose for -- she doesn't care. >> we always like to make more to things than there really is. they're happy and loving together and they're putting these out, so the paparazzi aren't. >> speaking of love, there were a couple of engagements. hoda wasn't one of them. we did get a look at her ring finger. >> wow. >> what happened there? let's rewind.
2:37 am
>> schuyler austin and anna are, they never dated on the film, but in real life, they are a couple. he proposed over the holiday. she said yes, they put out this fantastic picture. and now we're looking forward to the wedding. it's that time of year. everybody seems to be getting engaged, hoda. >> that's what we were saying. >> speaking of engagements. the newest "voice" winner -- >> jordan smith. i love this guy. this guy lets us into his life on his social media, so much though that over the holiday he proposed to his girlfriend. there she is. he put out a picture with the ring. now a lot of people think that when you win "the voice", you become a big star, you find new friends and new girlfriends, absolutely not with him. he's been with her for three years, he is not trading that beautiful face for anybody else.
2:38 am
>> i love, that duet, oh, forget it. >> so justin bieber was spotted having a little make out session with hailey baldwin. >> he wasn't spotted. he wanted us to see him spotted, because he posted the picture on his own instagram account. people think that's alec baldwin's daughter, it's not. it's steven's daughter that's alec's niece, alec baldwin's niece. so they were ca canoodling away. >> i saw a video where he gave her a wet willie, and they looked playful. it didn't look like -- >> they've been dating about a year, but now we know. >> how about kendall jenner?
2:39 am
there's ellen and porsha. >> there's another one of them like making out. >> they're together. >> okay. >> there are a lot of people in st. bart's this year. >> it's the place to be. >> we didn't get invited? >> pippa was there. kate didn't go. kate was with the queen. >> who is that? >> that is pippa. >> the front one's her brother, right? >> there she is. she looks good. >> she's always beautiful. >> the car with the roof that comes off. and oh, it looks lovely. >> crazy. coming up, a husband and wife made a pact to get fit. >> now they're running marathons and dropped more than 380 pounds.
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are you feeling a little bit sluggish after that holiday overindulgence, maybe?
2:43 am
so you need some new year's inspiration to get moving and lose weight, look no further than our newest members of the joy fit club. >> together they worked off more than 380 pounds. here to share their story is joy bauer. >> hi! >> how are you? >> this is the ultimate inspiration, a power company. can you imagine, almost 400 pounds down. >> how is that possible? >> angela is 34 years old. the deal with angela, she never really thought about her weight. she ate all of the wrong foods in huge quantities, and by the time it came to her wedding day, she was 340 pounds. now on the flip side, this is willie gillis, he also never really thought about hey put into his mouth or his body. his weight climbed exponentially, and on his wedding date he weighed just under 500 pounds.
2:44 am
the story. the eve before their first anniversary, they made a get-fit pact. and they decided together they were going to change their future. they went to the gym together. first it was five minutes on the treadmill. they increased and increased. googled healthy recipes and spurred each other's success. i'm giving you all, you're going to stay over here. they do a lot of marathons. we created -- >> they one marathons. >> marathons, ultra marathons, you cannot imagine how fit this couple is. >> are you ready to come out? come on out! >> come on! >> oh, my goodness! >> wow! >> whoa! >> amazing! >> how are you guys? >> you look amazing!
2:45 am
have you run? >> 31 i think. >> she's going for 50 in 50 states. >> i got a little less than motivated. but this year i ran in the chicago marathon, that reenergized me. >> a lot of people are getting up this morning and want to start losing weight, and they cannot start that first day. when you guys think back to that year anniversary when it seemed like a mountain you could never climb, how did you, what were some concrete things that you did, and how did you motivate yourself to do it? >> we took small steps. >> what was the first step? >> the first step was track our food. >> so you wrote it down? >> every, everything. if we took a bite of it, we charted it. >> you wrote it down and then what? >> make an appointment to go to the gym every day. >> and i tell them about, also, here's a huge step, because this is huge.
2:46 am
each and every day, eight leaserslease er liters of soda, the equivalent of 14 grazed donuts. how did you nix this? >> it's hard for me to drink my calories. >> what has it done for your marriage? i've read that it's so good for couples to work out together? >> we've grown closer because we were each other's biggest support system. we always had each other on good days or bad days, we understood. and that's taken us to, it's grown our friendship. >> we want to say congratulations. and we have to congratulate another young lady. someone who's turning 21 today, joy bauer's daughter who happens to be in the house! happy birthday to jessie. she looks like a chip off the old block. >> how is that possible? happy birthday, and enjoy some
2:47 am
>> thanks, hon. if you need inspiration to lose weight, go to klg and some of our joy fit members have lost collectively more than 3,000 pounds. >> our favorite things are next, but first, this is "today", on nbc.nbc. oh my gosh, stephanie we're, like, so goth. sfx: knocks on door. honey? i'm dying my hair, mom. hair dye? honey... it's just purple. teenage daughter? get scrubbing bubbles. kill 99.9% of germs and destroy grime.
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time to share our favorite things. what do you have? >> you know, i just moved. this is called shy toe spill. >> this is for stains? >> stains. >> jenna has more stains than i do.
2:51 am
it can break down the stains that form on clothes and on rugs! >> carpets! >> it works with red wine and other things. >> you spray it on and clean it up. >> mine is, you know, leah still, my girl. she was diagnosed with cancer back in 2014, well, her very last treatment is coming up on the 8th of january. i just wanted to show her picture, because she said to me when i spoke to her last week, she said, "hoda, it's almost time for no more cancer." this is the last day to win a trip to new york city to be a guest on my sirius xm radio show, you have to share an inspiring story and be 21 to enter. >> so fun! do it. can i put in? >> yes, you can. you won't win, but whatever.
2:52 am
>> and jenna, big thanks for joining me today. >> happy new year! >> happy new year. tomorrow we have kirstie alley. >> and we'll find out what we're cookin' up just for you. >> and cheyenne jackson is here. >> have a great monday. >> see you on booze day tuesday, which is always my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you some money. my job is not just to entertain but also educate and put in context. so call me, 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. all rallies look the game but
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